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Actually, we had planned 3 outputs, as it can be read in the project file available in section named “project” on this website.

However, the Erasmus+ National Agency considered eligible only the project output n. 2 entitled “Enriched School Curriculum – a good practice” - whose description was: “Designing, experimenting and validating an enriched and work orienteering curriculum”

When the partners agreed on that output in the project writing phase, we were totally aware that only the Italian school would be able to fully experiment that kind of curriculum, thanks to the Italian Laws concerning schools' autonomy, whereas Bulgarian, Polish and Turkish school systems do not allow the schools to organize a personalized school curriculum. However, we decided to work on that output to develop a good pratice to be presented to stakeholders in all the countries involved in the project. Meanwhile, the partners' schools other than the Italian one worked on including project activities in subjects' curriculum presenting topics in a European dimension or in afternoon extra-lessons. The Turkish school and Kayseri Municipality, because of the long cooperation they had had in the past years, were also able to work on students' job training activities in the field of tourism and Cultural Heritage promotion, on the basis of the experience the Italian school performed together with Larino Municipality. 

Here below you will find details of the output, its steps, the actors and the materials produced.


September 2014 - in all the schools involved -
1. Meetings with students and parents to present the project in details and obtain their formal agreement on taking part in it
2. Meetings with the school teachers:
a. to present the project in details
b. to obtain teachers' formal agreement on taking part in it
c. to form a team to work on monitoring and assessing the project activities
3. Meetings between Italian partners to agree on timetables, contents and activities to perform with the students at school and at each partner's premises
4. Virtual meetings between the coordinator (Istituto Superiore Larino) and foreign partners to agree on timetables and confirm the project planned contents and activities
5. Internal meetings for no-school partners to organise their internal teams

From October 2014 to February 2015

Constant email or phone exchanges among the partners who worked on organizing the activities, while waiting for the financial support that was available from April 2015.

March 23rd – 26th, 2015 – First formal Project Meeting in Italy 

April 2015 – project coordinator received the 80% of the project financial support and sent to the partners the 80% of their amount. 

OCTOBER 2014 - FEBRUARY 2017 - Output realization

For the output detailed report, please read the following pdf file OUTPUT_TOOLKIT

For the output materials and final products, please read the following pdf files and watch the videos below.

Entrepreneurship classes: lessons materials and final product: 

Enterprise lessons   Business plan lessons   

Business Plan for an enterprise in the field of tourism and Cultural heritage promotion

Students' Final product 

"Archeology" classes: lessons materials and final product: 

Archeology Lessons 1   Archeology lesson 2

Final product of "Archeology" lessons: Roman Bath in Larino - 3D reconstruction




Lesson plan English version    Lesson plan Polish version    Final product - Bedzin Castle