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Project dissemination started as soon as the Italian National Agency officially informed the coordinator that the project was approved.

An article was published on the coordinator school website to inform stakeholders about the positive result and to give details about the project.

Partners did the same on their websites.

Dissemination continued through meetings with parents, students and teachers at each partner school.

In October 2014 a regional dissemination event was organized by the coordinator both to present Erasmus+ Programme and the approved Erasmus+ KA2 project.

In March 2015, during the first project meeting, a workshop was organized at the Town Hall to present to Larino's citizens  the project and the partners. In that occasion the regional tv-news broadcasting reported the news. On the same day, in the evening a concert was offered to the guests and the citizens to promote the project and cooperation among all the stakeholders.

In Bulgaria, Poland and Turkey dissemination started as soon as the news of the approval of the project arrived. Project meetings and students' mobilities were also occasions to disseminate the project and its activities. 

in all the partners' countries Local TV and newspapers have always been invited and they always gave the project news.